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About: About Us

Right to Skate is a Saskatchewan based nonprofit organization. We believe that skateboarding is a powerful tool of positivity. Skateboarding fosters self-confidence, persistence, creativity, and can create life-long friendships.

We strive to make skateboarding accessible to all. We help provide skateboard gear to under-privileged community members and work with other youth organizations in Saskatchewan to create skateboard programming in all walks of life.

We host skateboard lessons and skateboard camps in the summer for all ages and all abilities, hosted by our talented instructors.

We prioritize inclusivity for under-represented skaters. We host special events for girls, women and LGBTQIA identifying individuals, and strive to give platform to BIPOC individuals in our community wherever possible.


Right to Skate operated the Saskatoon Indoor Skatepark from 2017-2019 and hopes to be able to re-open a park in the future. Some of our friends are also working towards a new Saskatoon Indoor Skatepark (check out Antioch Skate Ministry). 

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