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Saskatoon's skateboard community in action.

We are an award winning nonprofit that serves marginalized and underserved communities with the skateboard as a tool. Skateboarding fosters self-confidence, persistence, physical activity, creativity and shows positive clinical outcomes in improving emotional regulation and alleviating psychological distress. It can also serve as a positive replacement for team sports, where some children struggle socially or physically to fit in. It can also be an invaluable outlet for the child with energy and a self-starter attitude.

Skateboarding is a great way to engage with your community. Friendships that start at the skatepark are life long. We are a small community here in Saskatoon, and we at Right to Skate are committed to making it as inclusive and accessible as possible.

The Elijah Kerslake Skateboard Scholarship is a program that provides skateboards and shoes to youth from low-income families, or those with other barriers to skateboarding. Skateboards and shoes wears out quickly due to the nature of skateboarding. We exist to alleviate a financial burden from the parents and pockets of skateboarders that need it most.

We host a number of dedicated programs for Indigenous, Newcomer, and 2SLGBTQ youth keep up to date

Right to Skate is leading the push for an Indoor skatepark in Saskatoon through advocacy. We are fundraising for our own space and seeking community and corporate partnerships

Right to Skate hosts the only Saskatoon Skateboard Camps. We host skateboard lessons year round, weather permitting. Skateboard lessons are held at Lions skatepark and other Saskatoon locations.

To keep up to date on Right to Skate program announcements, visit our social media 

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