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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the skate scholarship program work?

The skate scholarship program is open to any skateboarder who has financial difficulty. Based on your situation, we can provide a used skateboard and free access to our programming. Individuals can apply on our website above. 

If you are a charity, group home, school or reserve, and interested in setting up a skateboard seminar for youth, contact us above to book a date. We can provide these sessions for free or by honorarium.

Is there currently an indoor skatepark in Saskatoon?

No,  Right to Skate operated the Saskatoon Indoor Skatepark in association with Saskatoon Skateboard Foundation and Ninetimes Skateshop for two years before moving out of our space. Efforts have been paused since the pandemic and we hope to see an indoor open again soon. Our friends at Antioch Skate Ministry are also working on an indoor.

Do you offer Skateboard Lessons?


We host skateboard day-camps in July and August and also provide regular one-hour group lessons throughout the summer. Check out the Skate Lessons page to see what is currently open for registration. 

I have a gift certificate, punch card, or other credit for Skate Lessons, can I use it for one-hour lessons as well as skate camps? 

You can use a card to access any of our programming. If you have a physical gift card to use, please send us an email with a photo of the card and we will send you a discount code for 100% off while registering.

I've never skateboarded before, can I take a lesson?

Many of our participants are first-timers. We go over the basics of pushing at the beginning of each class.

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